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Our goal is to create products which help promote a culture which celebrates and accepts differences and help keeps students feeling safe both online and offline. We believe we all have a responsibility to encourage and uplift the youth through education and setting positive examples. 


The AfterGen collection features one of kind artwork, created and inspired directly by students we work with. Each design features positive messages embedded directly into the artwork which serves as a constant reminder not only for the user, but everyone around the user will also see the positive messages and words. To promote the spirit of sharing, every bag in the AfterGen collection comes with a free Yes 2 ♥ bracelet charm which features encouraging messages such as Friendship, Strength, Courage, Hope and Love.


AfterGen's Yes 2 ♥ (Yes to Love) Foundation works with the top Educational Charity organizations around the globe. A portion of all proceeds from every sale is donated to help children in need. Our team also travels across the country to speak at schools directly to students, teachers and parents about the importance of positivity, friendship and acceptance. Although it's a small step, by just helping change one student's perspective can help change the world. 


"Stay True, Stay Focused, Stay Humble, and Continue Being You" – Yes 2 ♥ by AfterGen


Our mission is to be a leader in creating inspirational products beyond the traditional bounds of existing pet brands. We design and bring one-of-a-kind products to the market while simultaneously creating and offering a product platform for emerging artists from around the globe to showcase their unique artwork.


DôyenWorld™ flagship products are DôyenCat & DôyenDog: a patent pending interactive, designer pet toy created for your pet’s enjoyment. We offers a variety of colors and designs that even you will enjoy to have in your home.


We’ve all been there… that perfect shoe that no longer fits so perfectly. If you’ve ever owned a slip-on shoe, anything from heels to flats, then you understand the frustration of keeping it on, because every third step you take causes your foot to pop out of the heel. Here at STRAPLETTO™, we have tested various types of shoe insoles, heel liners, rub relief strips, and ball of foot cushions for high heels produced by major brands, but none of them have done the job.



This is why STRAPLETTO™ was developed by a team that loves shoes. A design patented heel liner with an attached loop and a sexy, skinny strap to help keep your shoes on because “secured shoes continue the journey.”

Private Label & License Merchandise 

From concept to manufacture to distribution, our OEM & Private Label services for bags & luggage covers the entire product life cycle to ensure the products strengthens our customers’ brands’ value and revenues.


If you are looking for a new design / manufacturing partner for your bags & luggage,  we love to work with you.  


We've worked with top tier 1 brands from across the world so you can be assured our quality and service will be up to your standards.


At AfterGen Corporation, we’re passionate about innovation and we strive to uphold this attitude every day.


Our mission is to bring to market, innovative and unique products which unites products with a purpose.  


Headquarter in San Dimas, California,  AfterGen Corporation specializes in the design, manufacture and distribution of unique consumer products including bags & luggage, pet toys, licensed merchandise, design & manufacture of private labels, promotional products, and raw material sourcing across the world.


From concept to manufacture to distribution, our products and services cover the entire product life cycle to ensure the products strengthens our customers’ brands’ value and revenues.  

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